Pregnancy Yoga

Prenatal yoga is a great way for expectant mothers to stay healthy and fit during pregnancy. The practice combines gentle stretching movements, controlled breathing techniques, and mental focus to provide a variety of benefits. These benefits include improved circulation, increased strength and flexibility, reduced stress and anxiety, better sleep, and preparation for childbirth. Prenatal yoga is designed to be safe for pregnant women, regardless of their due date, and is typically led by trained instructors who specialize in working with pregnant women. By regularly practicing prenatal yoga, expectant mothers can help improve their physical and mental wellbeing throughout pregnancy and prepare their bodies for childbirth.

Benefits of pregnancy yoga:

• Increased Flexibility whilst maintaining muscle strength
• Helps gaining stronger pelvic floor
• Prepares mums body for birth
• Helps alleviate nausea, lower back pain, headaches
• Deepens the connection to the baby
• Relieves anxiety
• Increased relaxation and helps sleep

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